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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Valley Meats LLC is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. This statement encompasses many goals, principles and priorities. These include a commitment to the highest levels of professional integrity and honesty, customer service and satisfaction, product quality and innovation. Our number one priority is food safety. We strive to have the best food safety systems and procedures in the industry. We are also committed to conducting our business in a sustainable manner. We believe that sustainability balances environmental, social and economic considerations. Our most important sustainability principles are highlighted below. We also promise to continually strive to research and implement the best practices in the meat industry.

Food Safety

Valley Meats business is providing high quality, value-added, center-of-the-plate meat products to its customers and their consumers. We strive to be a leader in food safety, committed to providing safe food every time and everywhere. The following four principles drive our food safety efforts:

In this regard, we retained Dr. James Marsden, Distinguished Professor of Food Safety, Kansas State University, in 2010 as our advisor on food safety. Dr. Marsden was instrumental in assisting the Company and its food safety and quality teams in designing and implementing a state-of-the-art food safety system and best practices for food safety. The Company’s food safety programs include:

Environmental Stewardship and Efficient Resource Utilization

Valley Meats recognizes that our actions both as a corporate citizen and as individuals have an impact on our natural environment. We believe we should seek to run every facet of our business in a sustainable manner in order to conserve the environment and minimize our impact upon it. Our goal is to pursue continuous improvement that is good for business and good for the environment. We believe that efficient use of resources, reduction of waste and productivity improvements are an integral part of this effort. Some examples of our environmental sustainability efforts are set forth below.





Employee Welfare and Development

We believe that properly compensated, trained and motivated employees are our greatest asset and enable us to meet our mission of providing the safest protein products which meet or exceed our customers' expectations as to quality and service in a sustainable manner. We seek to provide an environment where our employees:

Some of our efforts to provide this environment for our employees are detailed below:

Vendor Sustainability

We believe our Vendors should subscribe to the same corporate responsibility and sustainability principles we follow. This is particularly true with respect to Food Safety Programs. We require our potential vendors to complete an extensive Supplier Approval Questionnaire prior to doing business with them. We also continually check their performance for food safety and compliance with our incoming quality requirements.